Brampton Hearing Tests and Hearing Aids

Brampton Hearing Tests

When it comes to assessing our hearing ability, we often think of traditional hearing tests that measure our threshold of hearing at different pitches. A hearing test is a critical tool that audiologists use to evaluate hearing loss and develop appropriate treatment plans. During the test, you’ll wear headphones and be asked to respond to sounds played at different frequencies and volume levels. The audiologist will then plot your responses on an audiogram, which is a chart that shows your hearing sensitivity across the frequency spectrum. It can also identify what parts of speech may be inaudible for someone with hearing loss.

However, in addition to measuring hearing thresholds, we incorporate cognitive testing into our hearing evaluations. There is a strong link between hearing loss and cognitive decline, and so it is important to consider the cognitive impacts of hearing loss when conducting hearing tests. Cognivue is a cognitive screener that measures various cognitive domains, including memory, processing speed, and executive functions, which are often affected by hearing loss. By assessing both hearing and cognitive abilities, audiologists can develop more comprehensive and personalized treatment plans that take into account the individual’s overall wellbeing. 

Furthermore, it is important to note that hearing loss can have a significant impact on a person’s social, emotional, and physical health. As such, holistic approaches to hearing tests are becoming increasingly popular. These approaches may include evaluating a person’s communication strategies, assessing their quality of life, and discussing any lifestyle changes that could improve their hearing health. By taking a more comprehensive approach to hearing tests, we can provide patients with a more personalized and effective treatment plan that addresses all aspects of their hearing health.

Bovaird Hearing Clinic - More Than Just Hearing Aids

Here is what our personalized treatment plan will provide you:

Highly Experienced Audiologist

First Doctor of Audiology in Brampton with over 20 years of experience in treating patients with hearing loss, cognitive decline and tinnitus.

Treatment Options

As an independent treatment centre, we can select to work with any manufacturer, ensuring you get the best hearing aid options for your unique needs.

Treatment Plan with Results

Developmental psychology with neuroscience knowledge base contributes to a treatment plan with long-term results.

Treatment Focused

Medical treatment of hearing with focus on the cognitive aspects of hearing loss and tinnitus.

Advanced Testing

Including QuickSIN, Auditory Processing, and Cognivue to understand how the brain manages sound and improves cognitive health

Pediatric Treatments

Fully qualified to treat children of all ages with hearing loss.

Hearing Aids and Listening Devices That Suit Your Needs

As an independent hearing treatment centre, we are free to choose from all manufacturers of hearing aids and assistive listening devices. When we build your personalized holistic hearing treatment plan, we select hearing aids based on what best suits your individual needs and preferences rather than a specific brand.

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