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Bernafon is a hearing aid brand that offers a range of hearing aids for people with mild to severe hearing loss. Their products are designed to help users hear better in a variety of settings, including noisy environments. Bernafon’s hearing aids come with advanced features like adaptive directionality, which helps users focus on speech even in noisy surroundings, and feedback management to eliminate the whistling sound that can occur when using hearing aids. The brand also offers wireless connectivity options that allow users to stream audio from their mobile devices directly to their hearing aids. Bernafon’s products are available in various styles, including receiver-in-canal, in-the-ear, and behind-the-ear models. The company is committed to sustainability and has implemented eco-friendly practices in their manufacturing processes.

Hearing Aids and Listening Devices That Suit Your Needs

As an independent hearing treatment centre, we are free to choose from all manufacturers of hearing aids and assistive listening devices. When we build your personalized holistic hearing treatment plan, we select hearing aids based on what best suits your individual needs and preferences rather than a specific brand.

Bovaird Hearing Clinic - More Than Just Hearing Aids

Here is what our personalized treatment plan will provide you:

Highly Experienced Audiologist

First Doctor of Audiology in Brampton with over 20 years of experience in treating patients with hearing loss, cognitive decline and tinnitus.

Treatment Options

As an independent treatment centre, we can select to work with any manufacturer, ensuring you get the best hearing aid options for your unique needs.

Treatment Plan with Results

Developmental psychology with neuroscience knowledge base contributes to a treatment plan with long-term results.

Treatment Focused

Medical treatment of hearing with focus on the cognitive aspects of hearing loss and tinnitus.

Advanced Testing

Including QuickSIN, Auditory Processing, and Cognivue to understand how the brain manages sound and improves cognitive health

Pediatric Treatments

Fully qualified to treat children of all ages with hearing loss.

Hearing Loss Funding Programs

We are a Registered Provider for the following funding programs:

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