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Obtaining a Hearing Aid

Hearing Aids

Procedure for Obtaining a Hearing Aid

STEP 1: You will see your Audiologist for a complete hearing examination and consultation.

STEP 2: You will see your Audiologist for a hearing aid evaluation and prescription. At this appointment, the following topics will be discussed:           

  • Results from your hearing examination: what it means/how it affects you
  • Your specific communication concerns
  • Your lifestyle (sounds in your typical environments)
  • Hearing aid styles
  • Levels of sound technology
  • Hearing aid cost and funding

STEP 3: You will see your Audiologist for an ear impression as hearing aids are custom made to fit to your ear specifically.

STEP 4: You will see your Audiologist for a fitting appointment during which you will be instructed on use and care of the hearing aid(s).

STEP 5: You will see your Audiologist for a recheck appointment. During this time, you will inform your Audiologist about your experiences with your new hearing aids and the hearing instrument(s) will be verified.


Allow us to help you get the most of your hearing aids

At Bovaird Hearing Clinic, we encourage all hearing instrument users to wear their hearing aids on a daily basis and to visit us every three months for hearing aid cleaning and check (at no charge) to ensure the maximum life of the instruments.




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