A hearing aid, or a hearing aid alone, may not always be what is recommended. Instead of a hearing aid, or, in addition to a hearing aid, many individuals with hearing loss benefit from specific devices based on their hearing and listening needs. The following are a list of assistive devices that relieves the stress of communication, thereby enabling more listening ease and enjoyment for the individual with hearing loss:

Amplified Telephones
Personal Amplifiers (Pocketalkers)
Alerting Systems
FM Listening Systems
TV Listening Systems
Vibrating Alarm Clocks


FM System

FM systems is a technology that works along with hearing aids to improve the speech-to-noise ratio in very challenging listening situations such as restaurants, meetings, and church. A transmitter picks up a clear speech signal and wirelessly sends it to the hearing aids with less noise, distortion from echoey rooms, and competing voices, as compared to hearing aid use alone. FM systems are so beneficial that it is mandatory for children with hearing loss to use in the classroom in order to hear their teacher at a greater level compared to the classroom noise.

FM Transmitter / Reciever






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